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[icon] Dancers aren't great for their technique, it's their passion
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Current Music:Kelis-Bossy
Current Location:home
Subject:My 2008..jeezz
Time:09:59 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
1)Where did you begin 2008?
either star bar in the city or somewhere in george st..lol

2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)?
third year 1st semester of uni

4) What has been your favorite moment?
been a few...my project..tho it was a long journey, jaynes 21st..for obvious reasons, oh and the chris brown concert..lol

5) Most Embarasing Moment??
being sick as kyras..haha totaly remember that caley..lol..um..yeh kyras 21st..mackin out infront of everyone..stacking in every 5 mins whilst walking to sylvania maccas after jaynes, the star bar incident..things were getting a bit hot and heavy with the then bf and were asked to stop getting physical by the bouncer..seeing adrian and brad pointing and laughing at me..oh yeh and also frog incident..gosh theres been soo many..lol

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?
yeh i think so..random breath tests and the occasional keep the music down at kyras old abode

7) Where did you go on holiday?
not really holiday but went to brisbane and adelaide

8) What did you purchase that was over $1000?
nothing..lol the most probably wud have been a few hundred due to getting drunk that much...which has slowly decreased as the yr has progressed

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
i knew people who got engaged..uni ppl..gosh theyre stupid

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?

11) Have you run into anybody you left high school with?
basically anyone from the rc, to the hippie squadron to the pod..oh and manu

12) Did you move anywhere?

13) What sporting events did you go to?

14) What concerts/shows/festivals did you go to?
Rocky Horror Picture Show and chris brown

15) Are you registered to vote?
yeh tho i hate to vote

16) Who did you want to win Big Brother?..
big brothers crap

17) Where do you live now?

18) Did you have to go to the hospital?

20) How did you earn your money?
also centrelink..tho i got cut off lol and working at vinnies..tho im looking for a mon-fri job now

21.) Describe your birthday.
waiting, lots of running up and down stairs...jaigerbombs, friends..dancing laughing, random ppl showing up and oldskool hip hop tunes..and and photos

22.) What's something you learned about yourself?
in point form:

-that im a sucker for love
-that im naive and stupid
-that i shudnt learn to get jealous over things that are outta my control
-dwelling on the past is stupid and i shud learn to move on from my mistakes/experiences
-im an awesome person and trying to remind myself that everyday
-that i shud make goals for myself now that ive almost finished uni..dunno what do i
-that i shud make more decisions
-date more
..think thats about it..live life to the fullest..something ally reminded me

23.) Any new additions to your family?

24.) What was your best month?
May..id say

25.) What music will you remember 2008 by?
anything by chris brown, rihanna...warwick avenue by duffy, britneys comeback song, pmoney dunno what else

26.) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
Ally, scotty, krapplah, daniel

27.) Made new friends?
scotty, elly, nancy, jason, zabeen (last 3 are allys woolies mates)

28.) Best new friend?

29.) Favorite Night out?
jaynes 21st and chris brown concert

30.) Any regrets?
wayyy too many...all starting with my ex..too much to get into plus yous all already kno what happened..if yous were there

Where: living room second floor
Feeling: awake
Song stuck in my head: p-money/vince harder-everything
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Current Location:wesley
Subject:uni results
Time:09:23 am
Current Mood:meh..
since i havent been on lj for like ages and saw everyone puttin up their uni results eh might as well put mine up too..lol

overall im meh over my results but yeh i just sucked at the prac part and did good for everything else..lol

Ballet- pass+..which is crappy..in my opinion

Dance Industry Placement- distinction+..surprised me more than anything..well thats what i get for doing work experience at jack chambers former dance company..lol

Dance History- high distinction+...wuutt??



Allied-pass..pass or fail subject..lol

P & P-credit

Project-credit+ eh thats ok

Leadership & Ethics- gots an unavailable so i have to wait to get my mark back for that..overall im feeling meh about it
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Current Music:typing on the keyboard
Current Location:wesley :(
Subject:so freaking bored... lolz
Time:09:08 am
anywho im yet again stuck at uni doing nothing coz i totally forgot i had project so i could have slept in..gosh i needed it..i hate 530am starts arggghh anywho im in the comp lab at uni killing time til we have ballet argggh with chris eh she aint so bad..whilst 2nd yrs have ballet..sitting next to susannah at the moment whilst shes typing up stuff for her project to hand in..fun fun..and im also being reduced to looking at ppl's facebooks..u kno what im talking about lolz..anyway just thought i shud post..havent done much and it is day 2 of back to uni week..i just wanna be back on holidays again..life is ok at the moment tho my emotions have been all over the place most recently but yeh i think im pmsing or something lolz..bf is good hes back to work after a week break due to world youth day..caught up with him whilst he was attempting to do his tax return whilst yelling down the phone to someone about some number that he needed for his return...lol turns out he wasted all the time doing it wen he wasnt able to fwd it to his email..not so good..but yeh been catching up with the girls at uni, janz, bec and ashwie gosh coming back reminds me just how much i missed seeing them everyday..lol yeh spent p & p yesterday catching up, talking about stuff, sexy times haha whatever lolz..anywho im gonna stop now coz im freaking bored but yeh its coming up to august now..gosh im almost finished uni how fucken scary is that?!?!?
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Current Music:When I Grow Up-The Pussycat Dolls
Subject:stoopid fucken wesley arggghh!!!
Time:03:31 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
im so fucken mad argghh i totally trekked to uni today to fix up my fucked up enrolment form to find out that i have to go back again..arggghh i forgot to add stupid dance history to my form gosh i have sooo distracted these days i swear..spent the day with ash which is always fun burping and cracking jokes haha..yeh her and marky mark are doing very well..never thought them to be such a kinky couple haha..oh yeh spoke to bec shes doing the brent street workshops at fox studios so i might go and see her this week...been taught by a tap dog so jealous..but hey its adam garcia or dein perry its bloody mitchell hicks, dont really care much for him coz he went to school with christine..i wouldnt be bowled over that..chris horsey yes.mitchell no..anyway warwick is supposed to be coming over so i think ill stop posting such angry posts haha..ok ill shut up now promise xx
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Time:11:09 am
im sooo bored right now...haha which is usually how i start off my many blogs. and im tired as hell. damn u warwick haha nah jokes..i havent really been posting on livejournal much tho i find myself day after day checking in to see what everyone has been up to...well ive had a pretty busy few weeks. kyras bday party happend on saturday which was amazing..haha she still knows how to throw a good house party :D everyone came and it was just like old times everyone was talking to everyone and the retard clan were reunited haha omg it was sooo fucken weird to see sarah and chaz talking, it was as if they had never even had that massive fight that ended their friendship. though sarah was being totally annoying going omg you have to hook up with warwick tonight is the night blah blah blah. so much that i yelled at her i was sooo fucken mad, the funniest thing was ppl looking at us and saying "oh you guys are so cute"...yuck i hated it..got a tad bit drunk. didnt have shots i know im a punce..hahabut yeh everyone was having a blast oh yeh it was dress up but yeh only a few of us dressed up...and i must say i think i had the best outfit haha i went as a maid but i totally looked like a whorish one haha..wazza when as a pimp and he looked so cute, while other dressed up stoopidly..but yeh as yous prolly know by now we're official and whatever i even changed my relationship status on facebook, coz susannah was saying to me u know its official when its up on facebook haha..yeh ive been trying to organise time to see him but its really hard balancing uni, work and dancing and his got his things to do also. but yeh its reallly weird tho we have so much fun together when we're not doing anything as opposed to going out to a club or whatever. i acutally enjoy spending time with him..as sad as it sounds...gahhh i met up with him on sunday night after his game in the city and we just sat in hyde park just talking..lolz..man i lost my train of thought. i was just coming in here to just look at some sites til ashwies placement class finished but yeh shes here now so im gonna go off to birkenhead point xx (ash: HHHIIIIIIII)
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Current Music:someone playing the piano in the theatre
Current Location:uni...noooooooo-computer lab
Time:02:38 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
boys!!! arggghhh they agrivate me soooo much..blah..im supposed to be doing my christian leadship and ethics assignment but i really couldnt be bothered to do it...man i havent posted an entry for ages...let me tell you alot has changed...well not really...been talking to caley and alison heaps which is good, been catching up with sarah and maddy for sarahs bday and her friend nat whos pretty cool. she does dance classes with darrio..an old friend of mine..i hate doing assignments blah i wish i was at home now...im currently in the process of watching take thats beautiful world tour on dvd..not too far into it..tho its been like the hundredth time ive seen it haha...lets see what else is new..oh yeh i still dont have any internet at home which i believe is supposed to be fixed sometime this week..gahhh why am i so upset..ppl were asking me if i was ok today...i guess i am..

especially ash..coz she been really close to me she knew i was down..but i didnt admit to it..yeh dunno whats wrong with me..blah...anyway what was i gonna say again yeh boys frustrate me beyond...anythuing agifoghdiofgudfoightioghit mad mad mad..ive been having a lot of boys issues this past week..gahhh yeh ive been talking to this guy who i never really knew all that well..we've been getting on fabulously when drama comes in the way by ppl who im not very happy with at the moment but yeh anyway..saturday was really good..it was jaynes 21st at penshurst...all the uni girlies were there fun was had...i have to admit i did have fun brought along a date and had a fun time then headed to carmens was tired and followed a stoner dude all the way to sylvania maccas coz bec got the fucken munchies..was supposed to go to the movies on the sunday..but more fucken drama got in the fucken way...argggghhh i was so mad so he had to go home so ashie and i just ended up going to the movies...

the sad thing was that i sobbed like a little bitch over a boy..how sad is that?!?!?..lozzas just walked past and is telling me to do my assignment..blah..arrggghhh stop messaging me..bahhhh im so sick of this and it hasnt even started..i dunno wtf is wrong with me i think im just tired or something..i havent been eating very well the past couple of days i dunno why../.haha ash thought i was starving myself..bahaa..i wish fuck fuck shit shit akofgdouoiryoetuy..ok ill stop bitching its getting ridiculous..oh one other thing caley gotta love her has been getting me into the mighty boosh and i must say that noel fielding is such a lil cutie..ok must stop now must get on task..i fucken hate boys...nuf said..lo9lz
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Subject:yet another boring day at uni...
Time:08:22 am
Current Mood:calmcalm
im reduced to checking my emails at uni which totally sucks in my opinion coz i cant check youtube and i cant watch videos on myspace..which irritates me soo much..yeh as u prolly wouldnt of heard that little well huge thunder storm that we had last thursday ruined my internet connection and killed our tv set..arggghh so far ive been going to bed every night at like 8 coz i have no tv to watch..no gossip girl no spicks and specks no vh1 nooooooooooo!! and i have no fanfics to read no tt sites to haunt except when im at uni and no youtube videos to find..my parents went looking for a tv but have yet to buy one coz they have to check if its insured blah blah...as for the internet my brother is getting someone to come and check out our computer hopefully i wont lose any of my important stuff in particular my videos which i have yet to back up..my music and my favourites i did save coz hell no am i going starting from scratch with my months of links..ummm in other news im going to adelaide for a week with the girls in my yr..all 7 of us for this options festival..a week with no internet access and no cable tv..ill see how i survive but yeh kinda excited to go but not happy in that i have to spend money over there..but yeh i get back on the 15th..just in time to get my take that beautiful world dvd..yay!!! which im sure is out on the 17th march..from wat ezydvd tell me..but ill document my exciting adelaide trip and i shall see you all soon xx
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Current Music:Life Ain't Easy-Cleopatra
Subject:finally im back!
Time:08:08 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
well technically i got back on friday but yeah since my dumb ass boss decided to give me the day off today ive done jack all..but catch up with wat i totally missed and it looks like alot. i just came back from my 4 days up in brisbane for work experience which i should have done already..but at least ive done it. i basically spent 4 days with 5 lovely guys from the queensland dance group called Raw Dance Company..a tap funk company mainly a male gendered company tho there are some female dancers..but i spent most of my time sitting on my bum watching cute boys dance haha..help set up their small stage and went on lunch errands..so much for work experience..haha jokes but yeh they were all nice ppl and tho the weather was shocking on one of the four days that i was there i did enjoy it..i got some pics that ill attempt to post on here..u see im killing time coz im going to see Juno with Alison..why maybe coz i didnt want to get wasted tonight..tho i should have..see its Hericas bday (work friend) and was totally keen on going out..till i got my time of the month and the worst cramps ever..so opted to stay local and veg out at the movies before i go back to uni on monday...nooooooooooooooooooooo another reason to go back..to be honest id rather not go back but hey not long till im finished..but i wanna catch up with the raw boys coz they were nice..and i found one of them via myspace (ahhh where would we be without it) but yeh i wish i was on tour with them right now..tho i would be lost without internet connection and cable tv which i was for 4 days..and gosh it was hard..but yeh i wanna go to one of their shows coz it looked really good..see u theyre doing this tour with a new cast around the country going to rural areas and getting their names known but i hear theyre going overseas afterwards to perform at all these festivals..i hope they go to adelaide coz then im sure ill see em..but yeh watching them rehearse made me see that i still have the passion for dance that i thought i had lost and that i still love and want to tap and that things like raw dance and tap works will help me out with tap companies and that i still wanna be a dancer as my future career whether its for raw dance/tap works or a back up dancer for Jt or Take That on their next tour..lolz..ill end it here ive said wayyyy too much plus im getting a little tired staring at the computer screen, damn u fanfics!!!!!! another thing that ive caught up on :P
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Current Music:Tearin' Up My Heart- the telly..by nsync durrr
Subject:ahhhhh!!!!!! OMGGGGG
Time:07:28 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
i just found out that nkotb are reforming!!!!!! omg im soo psyched..tho there hasnt been a press release or anything like that but one can always hope :D ive been reading the many posts on onnotheydidnt about this and their site is updated with a new tune..tho the million dollar question is will jon came back??? i mean if take that can do it why cant new kids!!! oh and speaking of take that they got a new dvd out of their show..the one spoke sooo highly of from last yr and the one that has yet to be performed here :( ahhh well..lets hopt they bring the tour here soo i can bring all my cool ass friends and corrupt them with tt..muwahahaha
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Current Music:Reach Out-Take That
Subject:just an update..
Time:06:03 pm
Current Mood:busybusy
*have been working non-stop for a good solid few weeks..ka ching!
*went out for ash's bday in the shire, wasnt what i expected and prolly wont ever do it again..lol
*currently reading some books (yes i know ive strayed away from reading tt fanfics for a bit..lol) reading some book called the Naked Husband, also reading the Gossip Girl series and will eventually get onto reading Billie Pipers bio..finally

thats all for now xx
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[icon] Dancers aren't great for their technique, it's their passion
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